Registered Physiotherapists

Denise Fogal-Smith, B.Sc.(P.T.), M.Sc., CGIMS
Registered Physiotherapist/Clinical Director

Denise is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she obtained both a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1990) and a Master of Science in Physiology (1993). In her graduate training she studied balance control in stroke survivors. Since 1993 she has been an active clinician practicing in the areas of orthopedic and neurological physiotherapy. In 1997 she co-founded Motion Plus Physiotherapy with Dorothy Dakin and is currently the practice owner and Clinical Director.

Denise's orthopedic postgraduate clinical course work includes completion of the short manual therapy courses as well as additional training in a number of different areas including muscle imbalance syndromes, chronic headache, myofascial release, mobilization of the nervous sytem, and the study of sensitization of the nervous system. She has also completed FitforeGolf (Levels 1-5) coursework and has recently become certified in Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation).

Neurological course work includes the completion of basic and advanced Bobath/NDT training, motor learning, gait and balance training, vestibular rehabilitation and the recovery of the post-stroke hand.

Denise's clinical interests include complex cases with mixed orthopedic and neurological injuries, Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, gait and balance retraining and golf injuries. She is a firm believer in the neuroplasticity of the brain and applies this knowledge when retraining movement with all her clients.

Donna DeGeer, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc.(P.T.)
Registered Physiotherapist

Donna completed her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in September 2014 and joined Motion Plus Physiotherapy in May 2017.  She is also a graduate of the University of British Columbia where she completed a Master of Science in Medical Genetics (2010), and McMaster University where she completed her Bachelor of Science (2007).  

Donna has a strong interest in manual therapy, exercise, and pelvic health physiotherapy. She has completed her Levels 1-4 Pelvic Health training through Pelvic Health Solutions and currently treats both men and women for a variety of pelvic health conditions including: incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and pregnancy related complications. Additionally, Donna is in the process of completing her Pilates Instructor Certification through Body Harmonics and to date has completed her 120 hour matwork course.  She intends to pursue additional training in Pilates for pelvic floor rehabilitation.  

Donna has completed her Level 2 manual therapy coursework through the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and plans to pursue her advanced diploma of manual and manipulative therapy. She has also completed additional professional development courses in concussion management, Mulligan mobilizations and McKenzie therapy for low back pain. Donna has taken her initial acupuncture training through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) and uses acupuncture in the treatment of orthopedic injuries. 

Donna’s treatment approach includes education, exercise, manual therapy, and modalities. She believes strongly in helping her patients become an active participant in the treatment process. Donna is available for daytime and evening appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Kendra Dundas, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc.(P.T.), FCAMPT, CAFCI, CGIMS
Registered Physiotherapist

Kendra joined the staff at Motion Plus Physiotherapy following her graduation with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University in 2002. She also obtained a Master of Science from the University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophysics in cancer research (2000) and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Waterloo (1996).

Kendra has an interest in manual therapy and has completed her Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy Exams with certification in Spinal Manipulation. She also has certification in acupuncture by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI), and uses an anatomical approach to acupuncture in her practice. She is also certified in Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation).

Kendra has completed coursework in vestibular rehabilitation, muscle imbalance syndromes, mobilization of the nervous system, sensitization of the nervous system and shoulder dysfunctions. Kendra enjoys treating a variety of injuries using manual therapy techniques and exercise. Her clinical interests include shoulder and hip dysfunctions.

John Horlings, BHSc, MPT
Registered Physiotherapist

John joined Motion Plus Physiotherapy in October 2015 following his graduation from the Masters in Physiotherapy program at the University of Western Ontario, John is also a graduate of Brock University where he received his Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. John has a strong interest in manual therapy and in the treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries with a focus on functional rehabilitation. He has also completed his acupuncture training at the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) and is qualified to use acupuncture in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. John has successfully completed his Level 2 manual therapy course work and will be continuing his manual therapy coursework through the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Shelley MacRae, B.Sc.HK, M.Sc(P.T.), Certified Pilates Instructor
Registered Physiotherapist

A graduate of the Master of Science program in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University (2006), Shelley joined Motion Plus Physiotherapy in December 2015. Shelley is also a graduate of the University of Guelph where she received her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics.

Shelley is an experienced neurological physiotherapist with advanced training in the Bobath Concept, Motor Learning and Therapeutic Pilates. More recently Shelley has completed her Levels 1 - 5 Pelvic Health training through both Pelvic Health Solutions and Uro-Sante, including courses based in cognitive behavioural therapy, central sensitization and the treatment of chronic pain.

Shelley treats the prenatal and postpartum population, as well as men and women living with bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. She has a particular interest in pelvic pain conditions. Shelley will be treating both neurological and pelvic health patients at our site and is available for daytime appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.